Serguei's Welcome Letter

Dear Friend,


Thank you for your interest in immigrating to Russia!


Since Perestroika Russian people enjoyed many freedoms and with freedoms came wealth. Under leadership of Vladimir Putin war in Chechnya was stopped, peace restored and chaos of the 90s came to the end. In Russia, law now applies equally to everyone: ordinary citizens as well as oligarchs.


Unfortunately during the same time period Western people lost a lot of their freedoms. State started to control all aspects of people's lives telling people what to do and how to think. If you are tired of your rights being constantly violated then you came to the right website.


I will help you and your family to immigrate to Russia. Here in Russia you will enjoy many freedoms Russian people have. You will be protected from the government interference into your life and your family's life as long as you pay your taxes and abide by the law.


I will help you to obtain private or work visa first, then immigration visa and finally Russian citizenship. I will help you to buy real estate, choose school for your children, and assist you in finding work.


Yes, we came to the point in time when people from the West immigrate to Russia and Russian people are glad to welcome them to make Russia stronger and deepen economic cooperation and partnership with other countries.


Contact me today and let us discuss how I can help you along the way.


With Kind Regards,



Kirov, Russia

tel. +7 919 515 3333



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